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- Financial Statistics

- Leasing / Ijarah

- Certificate of Investment

- Credit rating of PGL re-affirmed by VIS on September 21, 2023

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- Address, Phone and Fax Numbers & Email Address of Registered Office, Head Office and other Branch Offices

- Detail of Associated Companies and their WebLinks

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- Shareholding Pattern

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- Legal Advisors

- Shariah Advisor

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Investor Relations
    - Investor Complaints (Company specific issues):

   Online form / Contact Details of person designated for assisting and handling investor grievances

    - Website link of SECP's Investor Complaint Section:

- Result Sheet of Poll at 30th AGM held on October 26,2023

- Postal Ballot

- Notice of the 30th Annual General Meeting of PGL

- Proxy Form

- E-Dividend Mandate form


- Lease Application Forms

   Private / Public Ltd.


   Partnership / Proprietorship


- Certificates of Investment (COI):

   Investors' Registration Form

   COI Request Form

   Specimen Signature Card



- Any other announcements or clarifications issued by the Company

- Complaince Certificate

Investor Information

- Annual reports for the previous ten years

- Financial higlights for previous five years

- Interim accounts for the last ten years

- As per the latest available yearly financial statments: Earning per share, P/E ratio and breakup value

- Free Float of the shares of Company